Be a participant in Reality Classes. Make true life videos about careers or running businesses.

This program is a new concept for you to tell future career and business owners the real facts and truth behind a career or running a business.

These are not classes that students, career professionals, and future business owners have learned in schools, books, seminars, or universities.  These are not classes that teach skills such as PowerPoint, coding,  mathematics, cooking, woodworking and auto mechanics or any other skill.

Reality Classes presents the reality of a career or business. People who are interested in careers or businesses can get the REAL TRUTH of what it takes to run a business or career before they spend thousands of dollars on their education or business and then realize they’ve had a misconception about certain aspects when it comes to a specific professional endeavor.

At Reality Classes, our belief is that your experience could be worth quite a lot to a future career or business professional who is thinking seriously about getting into a career or business that you have filmed and produced.

Reality Classes is proposing – That you use your knowledge and experience in filming career professionals and business owners.  Film the reality of there occupation or running the businesses and in turn, you may help entrepreneurs in their success and possibly make some money for your efforts in putting a Reality Classes course together. There is no fee involved or money out of your pocket for participating. All we need you to do is to film business and career professionals explaining the reality of there jobs or businesses in five 6-10 minute classes on.



1. The education required for their career or business.                                                                                              

2. The logistics of their business or career.

3. The basic costs of doing their career or business.

4. The positive aspects of their career or business.

5. The negative aspects of their career or business.

When a student is interested and subscribes to our site in the category your course is in.  You will then be compensated and also guaranteed that you will be the only one to produce a course on that particular career or business description in your state. This means that anyone who is teaching a course on owning an independent pizza restaurant, for example, will not be able to compete with you in your state. You have exclusive rights to the career or business description in your state your course is attached to. Your course must have interest for 3 months to obtain your exclusivity or your course could be canceled from this site and be replaced with a similar course with the same career or business description in your state if there is a backup course available.

Reality Classes cannot guarantee your future success based on other people participating in this website. All we ask is that if you are interested in being a part of a project that teaches career and business professionals the REALITY of peoples  careers and businesses  with the possibility of creating future income for yourself and benefiting others ,  please go to our website at or for more information read terms and conditions on becoming a Instructor  or Producer or you can register at Click here =(Register to Participate  ) or get a FREE video tutorial on how to put a reality course together at Click here= (Video instructions on  creating a course)

Or find out what purpose is at   Click here= (Our purpose)




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