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After taking Kathy’s course I was blown away. I had no clue the expense behind the scenes of owning a salon and being a hairdresser. Good grief! Thanks for the information. Very insightful and now I have to think If I want to become a hair stylist or own a salon at all.

Barbara cook (Nebraska)

Kevin:  Just wanted to say.  What an amazing martial art course. Can’t believe people buy black belts on eBay and open up their own school .

Great information!

Frank Wisniewski (Colorado)

Like the class said “It’s not your grandpa’s cup of coffee anymore” I had no clue about owning a coffee shop.


Janet (Future coffee shop owner ) Salt Lake City

Owning a pizzeria business was awesome. Gave me a lot of insight and things to think about. Great class Mike.

Tony Bruno (Oceanside California)