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I have been in a career for more than 4 years. Why should I take these classes ?

Good question.  This site describes real-life scenarios that will present themselves in each career or business situation. So when you come upon them you will be educated and experienced to handle them. Also, it will give you a different perspective about the career or business from a different angle from the employees and business owners.

How do you determine the professionals for your courses ?

People such as yourself will submit different courses on careers or businesses. They need at least 4 years in a career or business. They give us samples of their work which has to be good quality. They have to talk about the reality of the business or career. We do not accept people that just teach skills, i.e., how to write HTML or how to build a boat or woodworking. Those are skills, not careers or businesses. Our videos present the reality behind working as a carpenter or owning a cabinet making company. Hope this helps.

If we take a course, will we be able to ask questions to the employees or business owners?

Yes and  No when you become a student you will be able to pose questions to the employees or business owners. Remember an employee or business owner time is valuable and he or she may not get back to you. Remember these are Reality Classes and not mentorships. So the employees or business owners are not obligated to answer your questions unless they want to.  You can interact with other students in the course and exchange ideas and thoughts on the subject manner

How is the syllabus of a course developed?

Usually, courses are put together by the employee or business owner but there is a structure since these are video courses. They are usually arranged in this way: Class 1- The actual education you need to be in that career or business; Class 2- Examples of the costs behind the career or business;  Class 3- The logistics behind the career or business;  Class 4- The  positive and  Class 5- The negative side of the career or business. The video courses are about 5-10  minutes apiece and there are no tests!

Is there a time limit on courses?

Yes, our courses end when your subscription ends. The reason for this is that you purchase a subscription, not a course. Our courses are short and comprehensive. They usually do not take more than a few hours to get through. So you are purchasing a subscription. Most people do not like separate course fees because it’s a waste of money. So at Reality Classes, you do not get charged for each course.  You just purchase the category subscription you’re interested in and have access to that category. 

Why is there only one course for a specific career or business in a state ?

We want to minimize confusion for our students. There are thousands of different types of careers and businesses. If we had everyone doing the same career or business description in a state there might be 100 courses on the same subject in that state.  So the reason we have only one course on a career or business description in a state is to make it simple for our students and also protect the employees and business owners who have years of experience so they aren’t competing with 100 other employees and business owners teaching the same career or business with very little experience in the same state.

Can the Instructors or producers charge their own price for their course?

No! We have subscriptions.   We want these classes to be affordable. There is a lot of time involved in setting up these courses!  Our instructors usually volunteer to do courses they get a commission on the subscriptions we sell.  These courses are instructive and there are no tests. At the end of your course, you will get a certificate of completion. Once you learn about a career or business and want to continue with formal education or start a new career or open up a business, that’s going to cost you a bundle! So we invite you to take Reality Classes Courses and get the true facts behind a career or business before dumping lots of money on a business venture or formal education. 

Can I advertise my business on this site ?

Yes and No! If you are a business owner you cannot advertise your business name in a course. You cannot say “Hi I am Joe and I own Joe’s Pizza Parlor at 1st Avenue in Nebraska City.” Your video will not be accepted as an instructional video.
You can say “Hi I’m Joe and I own a pizza parlor in Nebraska City ”  If you want to advertise your actual business for sale or a job placement, you can pay a small fee. Send an email to

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