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We are keeping it real!

 This site is not a typical E-Learning site. You will NOT learn skills. What you will learn is the reality behind a career or business before spending thousands of dollars and years on your education or business. 

What we do have is career professionals who lay out the reality behind their career and businesses. As we say they are “Keeping it real“, telling you what it takes to actually run a business or what the reality is behind the career. We have developed this site to educate the business owner or a person working towards a career.

So when you take these classes you are definitely learning from a real and honest professional.


Reality Coures



 Our courses are made up of  business owners and career professionals


We would like to explain our business and career professionals regarding this site.

Definition of a professional:
A professional is a member of a profession or any person who earns his or her living from a specific activity.

What that means is our business and career professionals can be people who serve hamburgers, police officers, carpenters, street cleaners, brain surgeons, CEO’s who run billion-dollar companies and retirees. These are people like you who have been in the industry or have run a business for a certain number of years who are ready willing and able to make a course regarding the reality behind their industry. That’s what we call a professional!

Reality Courses 

 All people, all ages, all interested!


What type of people use our site? People from all over the world, elementary to high school students, college graduates, people thinking about a change, senior citizens and business professionals. People like you!



How to have a Reality Classes course on our site


In order to have a Reality Classes course on our site, you do not need a degree. You do need to be successful in a career or a business.

You will need at least 4 years experience in your career or business and-

-Good communication skills.

-A good quality video camera

-Good audio

-Preferably a green screen with graphics explaining what you are discussing

– The ability to talk about your career or business and create five classes that are  5 to 10-minutes a piece in one course and discuss in detail about the reality and truth with NO FLUFF  on your career or your business.

  1. The reality or your education that you needed. The hardships of going through that education.  The basic cost of getting that education and yes all the frustration.
  2. The cost in general of getting into your business. Example: Tools, licenses, rent, materials I think you get the point. All the basic cost of doing your job or running your business.
  3. The logistics of running your business or your career. Example: food preparation and ordering, managing appointments, managing employees all the details in general about doing your job or running your business.
  4. Why you love your job or running your business. Example: I love designing things, helping people, working with my hands…….
  5. The reality of why you dislike your business or your job.  Example: Did not know what the cost was, working long hours, deadlines ……..

This is just a brief format of the video classes.  You could add a lot more of your knowledge about your job or business.  You would be surprised at the things you know about your job or a business that would be great to pass on. Yes, the REALITY.

(Click here-  To read more questions and the answers )

We do not put every course on our site. We are looking for qualified professionals who have substance regarding their career and or business.

This means –  Cooks, Maids, Mechanics, Pizza delivery people, Police officers, Brain surgeons, Owners of businesses and CEOs of billion dollar companies. People like you who would like to discuss the reality behind their business or career.

Our Review Committee reviews the videos and then sends you an approval or denial email.

We do not accept duplicate career or business classes!

So if you see a business or a career course that is already done on our website, to protect our business and career professionals we do not accept duplicate courses for that same career or business description in the same state.

(Click here – To read the details in our terms and conditions under (Responsibilities of Course Developers, Producers and Customers.)

If you are interested in submitting a course, please click on the application for submitting your business or career course or being a producer down below.

Our business career professionals and producers are paid on a flexible commission based on the monthly subscriptions we sell and the commission fluctuate based on the courses and subscription fees. The commission is disclosed to you in our >terms and conditions agreement< (Look under how are instructors and produces are paid?.

Reality producers:

If you would like to be a producer and seek out people in careers or businesses and interview them and create courses and split our commission with career and business professionals, that is acceptable.

The agreement is between Reality Classes LLC. and you and YOU must create a separate agreement between you and the career or business professional that you are developing the course for. It has to be outside our agreement.

We do not honor any outside agreements other than our agreement between the course developer or producer.



 Course instructors  or producers application

About RealityClasses.com

Reality Classes is a perfect website for selling your knowledge about your career or business.

We want your knowledge about the good, the bad and the ugly about your business or career.
So many websites just sell skills which is great for that website but we are not that kind of website!

You might make some money and you might not.  We are here to help people learn the reality about careers and businesses like yours so they have direction and the knowledge to make a decision and proceed in a career or business like yours.


Why Choose Us

  • No nonsense and no tests!
  • What you learn in our classes, you use in real life.
  • The business and career professionals live what they teach.
  • Courses could save you thousands of dollars from making a wrong career, education or business choice.
  • You receive a certificate of completion when finishing your course.
  • You don’t pay for individual courses that are thrown together or copied from a computer screen.
  • You only pay for a subscription plan for the quality courses you’re interested in from top-notch employees and business owners.

News you can use.