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These jobs, career and business professionals here don’t just teach and talk classes; they are living it!  They have experienced business owners and career professionals who are highly experienced in their jobs. You will learn in these unique classes what colleges, schools, books, seminars and E-Learning classes don’t teach! Before you spend your life in a bad job or being misguided about opening a business, take a Reality Classes course from an expert and learn the reality behind a business, career or job you’re interested in. YES don’t just waste your time, money and effort with the wrong education or getting ill-advised about a business. Take courses from a real employee who is doing the job or an owner who is running a real business. When you’re done receive an Official Certificate of completion.

image_3What you think about a job or business is no substitute for  REALITY.

This site is unique it will allow you to learn from career and business professionals. These video courses explain the realities behind a job title or teach the truth behind owning a specific business.

These are NOT courses that teach skills like –  Accounting, Finance, PowerPoint, coding, programming, cooking, carpentry, how to draw, take better pictures with your cell phone or how to tie your shoelaces more efficiently. There are plenty of those websites around.       You will learn the real facts behind a career or business!

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Our new business and career professionals


35 years - Hairdresser and salon owner

Kathy is a true professional in every sense of the word. She has been in the cosmetology business for 35 plus years.  She has done hair styling throughout the United States.  Some of her clients have been past presidents and celebrities and she now owns a very successful hair salon business. Her Reality Classes course explains the truth and facts behind the industry.


20 years - Owner and instructor of a martial arts school

Kevin has been in training for martial arts for 27 years and has run a martial arts school for 10 years. He has been teaching martial arts for 20 years. He has 8 world titles and is currently a fifth-degree black belt. He was inducted into the martial arts Hall of Fame and has won several instructing awards and teaching awards.


25 Years experience- Doctor of Dental Surgery

Greg graduated and received a degree in Chemical Engineering with honors from the University of Colorado Boulder, and his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.


12 years- Owner operator of a coffee shop

Bethany has been a professional Barista and coffee shop owner for 12 years. She is an artist and a craftsman when it comes to her trade. She understands the coffee industry and is perfecting her craft every day. She is a master barista in the process of brewing and creating the perfect cup of coffee and running her coffee shop.


Users comments


After taking Kathy’s course I was blown away. I had no clue the expense behind the scenes of owning a salon and being a hairdresser. Good grief! Thanks for the information. Very insightful and now I have to think If I want to become a hair stylist or own a salon at all.

Barbara cook (Nebraska)

Kevin:  Just wanted to say.  What an amazing martial art course. Can’t believe people buy black belts on eBay and open up their own school .

Great information!

Frank Wisniewski (Colorado)

Like the class said “It’s not your grandpa’s cup of coffee anymore” I had no clue about owning a coffee shop.


Janet (Future coffee shop owner ) Salt Lake City

Owning a pizzeria business was awesome. Gave me a lot of insight and things to think about. Great class Mike.

Tony Bruno (Oceanside California)

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